If you care to share your night or day dreams, please email cross@gocross.com and we won’t edit but review as this is for ‘all ages’ and we will only use your initials and email if you approve.

Here’s are just some of them we could print:

“I was driving in the mountains and almost drove off the road but was followed by a red convertible with children.  I got lost and was in lodge with lots of people who were reading a green newspaper and people were waiting to get their own and I keep trying to get directions but even though I pointed to where I wanted to go no one could help and there was a large mountain and this woman who kept flashing her diamond rings.”

“Wow, I was sitting a really nice restaurant dinner table with other friends who were wearing business suits and dresses when the stunning hostess with Lion mane hair who wearing a white quite short dress came over and pulled the bottom of my ear very tenderly, smiled and then walked away.  Everybody at the table gasp with excitement all look at her as she walked away.  I blushed like a red tomato and smiled.”

“I was driving fast crossing traffic and ending up in a city and then got lost.”