SleepTracsPro with Visual Voice

SleepTracsPro now with “Visual Voice” you can speak and see your words and save your dreams with an audio recording of your voice in the SleepTracsPro Dream Diary – Log or Journal.  This is an example of this exciting new feature and up to 200 words per entry (due to Apple limitations), you can add pics, videos and drawings as well as save and share them with others via email or social media.  in the image you can see 80 words however, you can add many more.  See image for more.  Click on image for AppStore:








Here are some of the other key features in SleepTracsPro:

– Sleep Scheduling,

– Snooze Nap features,

– Snap Alert

– Actical – action calendar

–  ZoomLite

– Dream Diary journal/log,

Multi-Media Planner with multi-colored text, pics, videos, drawings, audio messages and acticons for iPhone and iPad.
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SleepTracsPro with Visual Voice you can add any background and hand drawings

Detailed Key Features of SleepTracsPro are:

– Actical -Action calendar with Acticons-action icons and first calendar with drawings.  Add drawings and images to your calendar to improve tracking and performance.   

Snooze, Snap, Sleep Scheduling and

– Dream Diary Journal with drawing pads, audio recording, pics and notes with social sharing feature

– Zoomlite – Siri-enabled magnifying flashlight, weather, camera, large format clock.  Unlike iPhone/iPad flashlight you can just say “Hey Siri Zoomlight” the flashlight will turn on with large format clock, weather, and zooming camera.

The Snooze feature is designed to let you get your “power nap” or “cat nap” anytime; you can select your snooze time and a wakeup vibration or tone/tune or your own voice or that of a friend or child.

The Snap feature is a new feature not found in any sleep app we have found so far.  Snap is really a “snap out of it” feature that you put in your shirt pocket and when no motion or limited motions are detected, it gives you a vibration or tune/tone.  Designed to help you overcome falling asleep in class or on the job, it should not be used while driving.

Sleep mode feature offers you a scheduling tool You can select your sleep time and a wakeup vibration or tone/tune or your own voice or that of a friend or child.

Weather – current weather is displayed when user awakes.

ZoomLite is an exciting weather center, camera, large format clock and 3-level magnifying flashlight app. You are able to see weather, large font clock, take a picture and easily read labels, meds bottles, check meds, cuts/sores, household issues and other fine print articles and other hard to read documents or any other reason to see something closeup with 3-step magnifying flashlight.

Dream Diary journal has unlimited notepads with multi-color drawing features, text notes, audio recording, backgrounds with pictures from camera or gallery and sharing features for email, social sites, gallery and other ways.

Planner – everyone needs to get organized and nothing is better than having it all in the same place.  The new version 3.4 in the first to include all forms of multi-media including multi-colored text (you can choose what color text you like to indicate priorities or other personal notations), you can include pictures and videos from either camera or gallery, you can add freehand drawings, audio recordings like “Get organized” and our own proprietary Acticons™ which are “action icons and emjojis” to emphasize an event or activity.


Independent Reviews


“Sleep apnea is a serious health issue and solutions are scarce often making sleep worse than better. SleepTracsPro journal/diary is a significant help where I can take pics, even videos and including detailed notes where I can track diet, temp, weather and other factors which I know impact sleep.  I strongly recommend SleepTracsPro for any one with sleep apnea or just wants to better understand their sleep habits and patterns.”



“SleepTracsPro gives me great insights on my sleep habits as I am able to use the Dream Diary to write notes, even make drawings of my dreams as well as share them with others.  SleepTracsPro is a must-have for any one struggling with all the challenges of getting better sleep.”


Apple has a number of health related app and there are other apps, however, by focusing on understanding the impact of sleep (dreams, etc.) we have found really helps people more than just an alarm clock.

We have also incorporated extensive sleep research into our app.

SleepTracsPro is one of the many apps such as HashNewsGram (Twitter posting app), ZoomLite (magnifying flashlight app) , Basketball Fans (basketball fans meetup app), ReallyReal (dating app), Sports Fans Club (sports fans meetup app), PetsMedsMinders (pets and animal meds caregiver app), PeerSafe (personal safety siren and txt message alert app), TextFreeDrivers (aiding drivers to not text and drive) PotMedsMinders (medical marijuana and meds reminders app), Football Fans Club (football fans meetup app), Really Real and iSeekSugar (dating apps), BiEyes (photobooth selfie app), iFlipTips (study app), MedsMinders (meds and scripts reminder with chat and newsfeed app), BaseballFansClub (baseballfans meetup app), RewardsVIPClub (rewards/loyalty app), and others from TECHtionary.