Mattress Madness !

No one would argue that the mattress IS the most important part of the sleep experience.  I prefer a water bed as it “gives” as you toss and turn and most important reduce bone stress when you try to sleep on your side (which is a must for sleep apnea). Alas, traditional firm mattresses dominate and here is a comparison that one of them put together.  Of course, this does not include all of them so we added a few more.


Sleep Number 360

We added this one as it is seen on TV ads a lot ! However, sleep number does have some great tech which having experienced actually works.  We do NOT agree with the app as knowing when are you in various stages does NOT help you get a better nights sleep or tell you how to get a better one.

We have incorporated what we KNOW are better ways to help you get better sleep and track what works and what does not. Moreover, sleep is not just a night time experience, naps, meditation and calming are as important as the night time ritual.  WHY, you ask, is that we do not need eight hours of sleep, we need 6-10 hours of rest depending on our job, location, travel, diet, exercise and more other factors than you can count.

Get better Sleep with SleepTracsPro with

– Sleep – scheduling and more

– Snooze – cool nap features

– Snap Alert – try to keep you from falling asleep

– ZoomLite magnifying flashlight, local weather, pics and more and

– Drawing Dream Diary journal

– Action Calendar with Drawing Pad

for iPhone & iPad

Click on image for iTunes:


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