Pajama Bedroom Fashion Now Streetwear

Not withstanding a bath might be in order before you expose your BO to the outer world, pajama fashion turned streetwear is not going away as girls do less and less before they go anywhere.  Here’s a look at a few interesting trends:

Meanwhile, to get a better night’s sleep, take a pic of your sleepwear if you are even wearing anything, get SleepTracsPro which has a cool journal, diary, log you can take pics and draw a face on your face and save/share them.

Get better Sleep with SleepTracsPro with

– Sleep – scheduling and more

– Snooze – cool nap features

– Snap Alert – try to keep you from falling asleep

– ZoomLite magnifying flashlight, local weather, pics and more and

– Drawing Dream Diary journal

– Action Calendar with Drawing Pad

for iPhone & iPad

Click on image for iTunes:



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