Smart Sheets

We all love our sheets and often spend a lot of money on them.  My fav is Eqyptian cotton found them at Macy’s not even a major brand.  Meanwhile, here’s another sheet option: SHEEX® fabrics breathe nearly 50% better than traditional cotton to reduce sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. SHEEX® are cooler to the touch and incorporate advanced heat and moisture transfer through evaporative cooling. SHEEX® ORIGINAL Performance Sheets have been tested at Diversified Testing Laboratories and are resistant to pilling.

Get better Sleep with SleepTracsPro with

– Sleep – scheduling and more

– Snooze – cool nap features

– Snap Alert – try to keep you from falling asleep

– ZoomLite magnifying flashlight, local weather, pics and more and

– Drawing Dream Diary journal for both night and day dream journaling you can include pics and free hand drawings

– Action Calendar with Drawing Pad

for iPhone & iPad

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