Snore Stoppers – 3 Thoughts

We have published some of our original research into snoring not found elsewhere but not really anything of a surprise.  We ALL snore, we just don’t hear it ! Others do and often complain as LOUD as the snorer (not sure if that is a word).  There are many “nose guards” which ease the snoring but not a cure.  There is no cure because snoring is built-in – baked-in to our body and those with body defects face the plague of sleep apnea (another discussion topic).

We don’t endorse this but provide these thoughts to help you get better sleep.

1-Snore apps don’t help because you may finally know you snore and how loudly but you cannot do anything about it.

2-Sure try these solution and see if you really sleep better not just the person you sleep with. We have found that these products don’t really help you sleep better just get awakened by your partner less.

3-The real solution is to sleep by yourself.  Seriously sleeping together for amorous reasons is great but if you really need to get better sleep, sleep by yourself because you can control the bed, room temp, lighting, noise (maybe) and other factors.

Track your sleep and keep a sleep diary/journal/log with


– Sleep – scheduling and more

– Snooze – cool nap features

– Snap Alert – try to keep you from falling asleep

– ZoomLite magnifying flashlight, local weather, pics and more and

– Drawing Dream Diary journal for both night and day dream journaling you can include pics and free hand drawings

– Action Calendar with Drawing Pad

for iPhone & iPad

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