Melontonin – Sleep Aid or Not

Not really a fan of sleep aids as while there may indeed be benefits but if you look at the side effects they are often worse than the so-called “sleep aid.”  This is part of a ongoing discussion of ways to get better sleep.  The key is to keep a sleep diary, log, journal (found in SleepTracsPro) of your sleep in terms of what you ate, drank, did, watched, felt or any other factor you may find important.  Going to sleep in a good mood is often found to help you sleep better than any pill or other.  Here are two products and we will add more as we find them and you let us know those especially those that work – send suggestions

Not in order of preference.

MidNite also contains a proprietary herbal blend of lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender.

Here’s another:

Get better Sleep with SleepTracsPro with

– Sleep – scheduling and more

– Snooze – cool nap features

– Snap Alert – try to keep you from falling asleep

– ZoomLite magnifying flashlight, local weather, pics and more and

– Drawing Dream Diary journal for both night and day dream journaling you can include pics and free hand drawings

– Action Calendar with Drawing Pad

for iPhone & iPad

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